It’s been exactly a year since I started my Arrangements with Dried and Preserved flora.

Since then, I have dedicated many hours to create, to learn and to establish myself as a new businesswoman in this exciting and by far the most rewarding experience. You see, when I was at high school, my favourite subject was Art. I studied music, playing the piano, painting and writing poetry. I graduated with excellent marks and always knew that soon I would work in visual and contemporary art spectrums.

Why “Why dried flowers?” you may ask, well, I love flowers, growing in the fields, unpicked. I thought I could save them from dying and make flower arrangements from dried and preserved flowers instead.

Where does my inspiration come from? The answer is from visualizing, meditating, and focusing on stillness. I think of eternity and happiness in the present moment….

My arrangements have been displayed throughout Sydney’s retail outlets, cafés, offices and homes.

The list of customers is growing I am looking forward to meeting new customers soon. All enquiries are welcome.

With best wishes,
From Raphi & Rose.